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United Saud is a Group Conglomerate Business, Headquarters in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. United Saud Group holds the bulk of shareholding in the United Saud group of companies including their landholdings across Bangladesh. United Saud Started Business Textile Since 2006. Now United Saud is a Group. It’s divided into Three categories. First is SAUD Company, second one is United Saud Limited and Third one is United Saud Industries Limited. SAUD Company is the promoter of the major operates SAUD Name Brands. United Saud Limited holdings all kinds of companies and United Saud Industries Limited holdings all kinds of industries. United Saud Limited is a service-oriented product, running various kind of businesses such as Imports, Exports Software, e-commerce, Recruiting Agencies & Housing. United Saud Industries Limited is Industrial Product, Running Denims Textile, Home Electronics, Watches & Gadgets.